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 RF Coin Hack

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PostSubject: RF Coin Hack   Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:18 am

Things that you'll need:
Any scroll that can launch the enemy up (Default works too)
Any Exocore that can launch the enemy up

1. Start to Rumblefight (log in)
2. Go to Adventure mode
3. Click Al-Hata, do solo because you might get banned. (or you can work with friends that you trust)
4. KIll the first 2 waves of monsters (when a barrier opens, that's one wave)
5. Lure one monster to the stairs by going a little close to it then running (try to lure only the Goblin with the stick)
6. Make it go half-way down the stairs to the left edge
7. Launch the monster up. It should start jumping up and down
8. Kill it. It should drop a ton of coins.
9. Go and pick up those coins!

Video to support it.

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RF Coin Hack
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